Cheese and wine nights refused for village where drunks ‘vomit and defecate’ in gardens

A village where drunken racegoers ” vomit and defecate” in residents’ gardens has turned down a licence for cheese and wine evenings.

The ‘Drunken Cow’, a proposed business in Lingfield, Surrey, had applied to operate as a a wine merchant and delicatessen which would see it sell beer and wine for drinking on or off the premises.

Alcohol would be served alongside cheese, meat, breads, snacks and coffee, reports Surrey Live, while the former coffee shop would also host regular cheese and wine nights in “small seating/wine tasting area”.

But Tanbridge District Council have refused to grant the shop a licence after a decision by the licensing sub committee in a meeting last Thursday (August 18).

It followed nine objections from members of the public and no letters of support of the application, with one of the loudest voices against it coming from the local parish council.

Lingfield Parish Council raised fears that drunken revellers from the nearby racecourse could be tempted to take advantage of the booze on offer after a spate of unpleasant incidents from recent visitors, including defecation and vomiting on resident’s properties.

Their objection read: “The village already suffers from the unacceptable behaviour from the drunken racegoers who enter the village to find alcohol before they leave for home, with individuals vomiting and defecating into people’s property, aggravating existing customers in the venues they enter and continuing with loud and antisocial behaviour until they leave. “

“There is a long history of criminal activity directed towards the local shops, especially where cigarettes and alcohol are sold and for cash. Some of the criminal activity involves the use of vehicles being driven into the shop front to break through the windows.”

Further issues raised by the Parish council included the building lacking security measures seen on other properties in the village, such as roll-down shutters or bollards outside.

Earlier objections had seen the ownersreduced its proposed opening times from 11pm on some days to 8pm on every day over noise concerns.